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Pete Hopkins

The Song

We believe that great productions begin with great songs, so we can help you hone your songwriting skills and create memorable lyrics. In pre-production, we listen to your ideas and focus on the sound you love. Then we record a demo in our studio; this way, we'll have something to follow as we create new arrangements. Together, we will work on song development and direction.


After listening to you perform, we'll have a consultation to help understand more about your abilities, potential, and goals. Once we decide on a direction, we'll provide vocalist coaching to help you find your voice and discover your real potential.


Lyricism is as important as the melody, as the lyrics and melody must combine and relate for the proper momentum. After all, the best songs are stories with beginnings, middle sections, and climactic endings. Let us help you choose powerful words that match the emotion of the music.


Do you love writing, but don't aspire to be a performing artist? We also work with aspiring songwriters and offer suggestions about improving songcraft. We will then sing and produce a track to assist with all facets of creation.


Get guitar lessons from Pete Hopkins, who is an accomplished guitarist with 25 years' experience. With Pete's guidance, you'll improve your playing rhythm with the programmed beats we create in the studio.

Music Production

We also help you understand instrumentation as you learn about:

  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Drum Programming
  • Vocal Tuning
  • Bass
  • Elements of Rhythm
  • Synthesis of Keyboards
  • Pitch Correction
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