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Meet Our Founder

HopkinSound Founder and CEO Pete Hopkins is an accomplished vocalist, professional songwriter, producer, and musician. He writes and performs pop, rock, EDM, R&B, funk, jazz, country, and many other genres. As a modern programmer, he enjoys making massive beats and synth sounds.

Pete developed his musical passion early in life surrounded by a family of performing musicians. He became fascinated with guitars and performance from a very young age and, while taking violin lessons, learned that he possessed the rare ability of perfect pitch. Perfect pitch allows Pete to identify the note of an exact tone simply by hearing it, adding to his value in vocal production as well as songwriting. With Pete, you can guarantee perfection.

Pete has worked in Los Angeles for 15 years and knows what producers and labels expect from artists. He has an inside track and he is well-connected with music industry professionals, giving him an advantage in presenting your work to a record label for a potential contract. In addition to his work in California and other parts of the United States, Pete has worked on projects with artists in Canada, the United Kingdom, the Irish Republic, Norway, Germany, Italy, Australia, and Asia.

When you want a quality song, you need a great writer. When you want a quality singer, you need someone with great vocal abilities. When you want quality studio work, you need a great producer. Pete Hopkins and HopkinSound will provide all three services for you.